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The book is out!!

I remember setting up this site as a writing blog in December 2019, when I started my writing journey for this book. Now, 22 months later, the book has just been published and we celebrated with an online launch organized by my publisher Bristol University Press, with introductions from my editor Philippa Grant and Craig Hammond from Liverpool Johns Moores University, whose own book Hope, Utopia and Creativity in Higher Education: Pedagogical Tactics for Alternative Futures was a source of inspiration during my own writing process. Craig has been a supporter of this project from the beginning and his enthusiastic endorsement of the book is a true celebration of its potential. Thank you Craig, Philippa and BUP for helping make this book come to life! Alongside the book launch, I also published an article on BUP's Transforming Society Blog, called Imagine! Creative Teaching for Global Challenges and Alternative Futures. If you missed the launch, you can watch the recording here.

Over the next few months, there are lots more activities happening to share the book with wider audiences: a masterclass for the Active Learning Network and an article on scenario building for the Times Higher Education (THE Campus) website in September, participation at BUP's upcoming The Futures of University webinar on November 9th, invitations for next year to speak at Sussex university's flagship Sussex Development Lecture Series, at the Centre for Educational Research at Liverpool John Moores University and the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Sussex. There have also been international invitations from universities in Brazil, India and Bolivia (where I conducted part of my research for this book) and it is great to see that the book is beginning to gain international traction.

This website also keeps growing, with the addition of new TeachTalks every month where educators from different universities are sharing their ideas about creative teaching and what it looks like in their classrooms. So things are really busy, in a good way and I am looking forward to sharing future events and activities with you. Above all, I would love to hear from you what you think of the book and how it might influence your teaching, in small or large ways. After all, as Sarah Amsler wrote, it's ok to dream in steps rather than leaps. So please get in touch!


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