Creative Universities

Reimagining Education

for Global Challenges

and Alternative Futures 


Bristol University Press

The book explores the role of creative teaching in university programs that focus on understanding and addressing contemporary social, economic and environmental challenges.

I develop a critical-creative pedagogy that combines critical analysis of these challenges with experiential, active and design-informed teaching that develops not only students’ analytical thinking, but also their imagination, emotions, lateral and practical capabilities.

All of these will be essential if students are to imagine, design and create the alternative responses that are so urgently needed to address the multiple crises our world is facing.



Keri Facer

Professor of Educational and Social Futures, University of Bristol

This thoughtful, critical and creative book opens up a wealth of directions for reimagining universities. It is a cornucopia of ideas for designing a new educational practice adequate for a world facing profound environmental, economic and social disruption.

Craig Hammond

Liverpool John Moores University

Schwittay argues for the creation of alternative educational and social futures through the design of new learning environments; the development of student curiosity, introspection and imagination; prototyping activities and the taking of creative risks. This is a timely, important and optimistic book – a conceptual and practical antidote to the challenges of our times.

Book Summary

The first chapter begins with my personal teaching journey and a description of the research process, then lays out the book’s key concepts of creativity, imagination, hope and alternatives to present my core arguments. It concludes with proposing a ‘generative theory’ that opens up pedagogical spaces of possibilities.

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